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We use commercial mowers that typically don’t require bagging, even if you have had to in the past with your own mower. However, if it becomes an issue or you would prefer we bag clippings, we offer that at an additional charge.

Yes, our first application of the season is a blend of fertilizer, herbicide, plus a pre-emergent. This should help with existing crabgrass and preventing future crabgrass from growing. Each of the following applications have both a fertilizer and herbicide. Weeds tend to germinate at approximately 6-8 week intervals so we try to visit around those same times to keep your lawn looking nice.

You can start watering your lawn after the spray has dried, which is usually an hour on a sunny day. For the best results, water your lawn within the first 24 hours after an application.

As soon as the grass is dry it is safe for children and pets to be on the lawn. The drying time can vary depending on humidity, temperature, and wind. On a dry sunny day the lawn will be dry within about an hour.

Call our office or request a service call online through your customer account. We are always happy to stop by and see how we can help improve your lawn.

Contact our office right away so we can fix the damage.

Your spray application is set after approximately 1 hour drying time. If we receive a heavy rainfall within that time frame please call our office and we be happy to come back to your property!

A little bit of rain doesn’t bother us too much, but if a heavy storm comes through we will reschedule your service to the following business day.

We provide services year-round including mowing, trimming, spring/fall cleanup, fertilizer/weed control, insecticide, aeration, exterior pest control, snow removal, and more. To learn more about the services we offer visit https://valleygreenassociates.com/our-services/

You may mow your lawn 24 hours after your application. For best results, mulch don’t bag clippings.

Our crews start each morning around 7am and finish around 5pm. Your home or business will be scheduled in the most logical geographical order with our other customers. We will typically be out around the same time each week, barring weather.