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About Us

History of Valley Green and Associates

Josh began his lawn and snow business in 2008, originally naming it Cutting Edge Groundscare. In 2015, the opportunity arose for Josh to purchase a fertilizing/weed control business named Valley Green & Associates that he had built a close working relationship with when the previous owner decided to retire. Valley Green originally was established in 2000. Due to Valley Green being more established with a greater number of customers under that business name it then absorbed Cutting Edge Groundscare.  Around the same time Josh took over Valley Green Nicole began helping in the office. Our business continued to grow and since then Nicole gradually decreased her hours working as a dietitian and now runs the office full time. Nicole manages all customer relations for our 1500+ customers and ensures we are staffing appropriately while Josh coordinates daily employee duties and ensures our equipment is running smoothly.

Valley Green and Associates Moorhead Minnesota Residential and Business Lawn Service
Valley Green Associates Moorhead Business lawn service Minnesota North Dakota

Our Services and Fleet

We offer a comprehensive list of services that allows our customers to work with one company instead of many. Valley Green employs around 25 staff during the summer months to provide your spring/fall cleanup, mowing, aerating, and fertilizing/weed control services. During winter months when we have a shorter timespan to visit customers following each snow event we need to staff in higher numbers and staff anywhere from 70-80. Our fleet in the summer includes 4 spray trucks, 1 ride on spreader/sprayer, and 5 mow crews. During winter months we run 25 utility tractors with sweeper brooms, 3 plow trucks, and 6 skid steers.

Business and Residential clients

Our customers include single family residential properties, multi-family properties such as townhome communities, apartment buildings, we work with property management companies, along with commercial/business accounts. We can custom tailor a mowing or fertilizer/weed control program to your preferences.