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Lawn Problems and Solutions

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Your lawn is a big part of your home’s appearance and curb appeal. Everyone wants a perfectly green, lush lawn but takes lots of time and knowledge. Luckily, Valley Green is here to help you identify any lawn problems you may have, and solutions we can help you with.


Adaptable and fast-growing, crabgrass can take over a lawn quickly. Not only is it unsightly, but it is also bad for the health of your lawn. It takes vital nutrients away from your lawn and spreads even more. The good news is it is easy to control with the right timing and application.

Valley Green offers fertilizer and weed control that includes a pre-emergent. We can take care of crabgrass all summer, but the best time is early spring. The pre-emergent will kill any remaining crabgrass from the prior year, preventing it from growing and spreading.


There are many different types of weeds that can take over a lawn. Usually, practicing lawn care maintenance can take care of weeds. Be sure to mow your lawn regularly with a sharp blade, water about an inch per week (depending on weather), and fertilize correctly.

If you still have weeds, some of them are more difficult to control than others. These require the correct fertilizer and weed control application. Valley Green offers applications at regular intervals to keep the weeds away, and your grass growing green and thick.


Thatch is a tightly intermingled layer of dead and/or decaying vegetation. This is an unhealthy buildup of organic matter that can cause brown patches, thinning turf, or diseases. Dry thatch repels water so your lawn is left dry, while wet thatch traps moisture and creates fungal diseases.

Valley Green offers spring and fall cleanup services, that include dethatching. In addition, we will blow leaves out of landscaping, trim, mow and bag, plus take away the excess clippings.

Compacted Soil:

Lawns can become compacted and dense from lots of use and traffic. Soil compaction leads to thinning turf because the grass does not receive adequate air, nutrients, or water. Also, weeds thrive in compacted soil and soil that contains a lot of clay, which is common for this area.

To combat a compacted lawn, an aeration is the best solution. Valley Green’s aeration service will force tines into the soil and pull plugs out of the lawn. This allows your lawn to receive the proper nutrients and water to grow thicker, and fuller.

Bare Spots:

Most often, bare spots are caused by improper watering, foot traffic, or compacted soil. These spots are unsightly and offer the perfect invitation for weeds to take over the area. If you cannot determine the reason you have bare spots, Valley Green will survey your lawn and give you suggestions for the best outcome.

If the bare spots are caused by improper watering, we can help with two solutions. Valley Green offers a moisture manager application that treats your plants and soil to capture moisture before it escapes back into the atmosphere. We also offer irrigation maintenance if you have sprinklers that are damaged or broken.

If the bare spots are caused by impacted soil, the best remedy is an aeration and overseeding. The aeration will reduce soil compaction as well as allow more air, water, and nutrients to the root zone. Adding an overseed to this service will thicken the lawn and grow new grass in bare spots.

Pest Damage:

There are many types of pests that can damage your lawn including sod webworms, grubs, and cinch bugs. These pests feed on your turf causing your lawn to be thin, brown, patchy, or completely dead. It is very difficult to distinguish which insect has infected your lawn, but Valley Green has a potent insecticide that will take care of them all. Our insecticide application can cover your whole lawn and the residual activity lasts for 30 days.

Lawn Diseases:

Lawn diseases are difficult to control and identify, as there are so many. In most cases, a lawn disease can be taken care of easily once identified. Fortunately, Valley Green has many lawn care professionals that would love to take a look at your lawn and offer you the services you will need. In the meantime, remove grass clippings, avoid walking through the area, and clean any tools that were used on that area.

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