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Valley Green and Associates complete a variety of lawn services to keep your yard looking great! We offer everything from fertilizer to pest control or just plain mowing. Below is a list of our services:

Lawn fertilizer/weed control:

We provide applications at regular intervals throughout the season depending on the number of applications you signed up for. We offer up to 4 fertilizer/weed control applications each season. Signing up for a higher number of applications will mean you get visited earlier in the spring. We aim for visits every 6-8 weeks throughout the season, although this will vary depending on weather and the number of scheduled applications.

Mosquito application:

Get rid of the mosquitos from your yard and save yourself from pesky bites and itching. The residual activity lasts up to 30 days. This service is available up to 5 times per year.

Exterior pest control:

This application is a spray barrier to control insects around the perimeter of your home. The residual activity lasts up to 30 days. This service is available up to 6 times per year.

Valley Green and Associates Aeration


This encourages proper root development, reduces soil compaction, moves air and water into the root zone, and helps to fight diseases. Aerations may be performed in the spring or the fall, and are an effective way to improve turf quality when done prior to overseeding.


Helps to thicken your turf and make it more difficult for weeds to pop up. Overseeding results are greatly enhanced when performed in combination with an aeration. This service is available in spring or fall.

Vole deterrent:

Vole Scram is a new and unique natural repellent that drives out voles from your garden and lawn. Unlike other repellents, it works by taste and smell. It is easily applied and contains all organic ingredients, so it won’t harm people or animals. The vole deterrent won’t wash away with rain and has a 90-day residual. This service is available in spring or fall.


Provides control for turf-feeding insects during summer stress conditions. This application covers your entire lawn.

Moisture manager:

This program treats your plants and soil to capture moisture vapor before it escapes back into the atmosphere. It is then converted back into liquid water and is passed on to your plants’ roots. The moisture manager is scientifically proven to reduce the watering requirements of plants up to 50% or more!

Irrigation start up, shut down, and maintenance:

We take care to ensure your irrigation system is maintained properly by performing proper start-up, maintenance as needed, and shut down/winterization. We can also add new features to an existing system such as installing a Wi-Fi controller which allows you to turn your sprinkler system on and off via your smartphone.


Our lawn care specialists, mow, trim, and blow off the excess grass clippings, keeping your lawn beautiful.


When you have the driveway, sidewalks, gardens, and landscapes properly edged, they create a crisp clean look to the entire exterior.

Plant care, pruning, trimming, and landscape cleanup:

We will ensure your landscape plants are well cared for and growing properly. We can check your soil to make sure your plants are getting the proper nutrients to keep them growing and looking beautiful.

Gutter cleaning:

Our team will make sure your gutters are clean and flowing properly. We can address any issues with drainage to ensure the winter season’s ice doesn’t build up, causing damage to shingles, underlayment, and the gutters themselves.

Valley Green and Associates fall cleanup

Spring and fall cleanup:

In the fall we will blow out leaves from landscaping areas, trim, mow, and bag plus take away the excess clippings. In the spring, we will dethatch to remove the excess thatch that builds up, trim, mow, bag, and take away clippings.

All of our lawn services are available to homes or businesses in the Fargo, Moorhead, and Lakes areas. Click here to request a quote and sign up for lawn services.

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