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Should I Mulch or Bag My Grass Clippings?

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There are several questions as old as time that have puzzled philosophers for centuries. What are the origins of the universe? What is my purpose in life? The question that has stood out above all others is should you mulch or bag your grass clippings when mowing. The answer to this question, like the questions before it, is tricky. There is a time and place for both.


Mulching is allowing the mower to cut your grass clippings into small pieces and having them return to the lawn. There are several advantages to not removing clippings. When you remove your grass clippings, you are not just removing unwanted grass, you are removing the nutrients and the moisture that those clippings hold. Mulching allows your lawn to reabsorb the nutrients and use them for future growth. This can be an added bonus on top of your regular spray and watering regiment. Mulching is great for those who mow regularly and don’t let their grass grow too long.

Trying to mulch your grass clippings longer leads to large clumps of grass that can make your lawn look messy. Large clumps of grass can be heavy and when they aren’t removed, they can kill the grass that they sit on.  

Bagging grass clippings


Bagging up and taking and disposing of clippings elsewhere has its advantages as well. When bagging, you avoid those large clumps of grass that are leftover. If your lawn shows any signs of disease, it’s best to bag up your clippings to avoid spreading that disease throughout your whole yard.

Other than removing nutrients from your yard. Bagging takes up time and energy. It is extremely easy to let your mower blend up the clippings and be done. With bagging, you need to find a proper place to dispose of your clippings.

Our Reccomendation

After careful consideration, we have an answer to this age-old question – it depends. Pay attention to the condition of your lawn and how fast the grass is growing. During the spring and early summer months, grass grows much quicker than in the later summer months. It might be best to bag your clippings in the spring and early summer when your lawn isn’t as pressed for moisture. During the summer months when the grass is growing slower, bagging might not be as necessary.

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