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It’s time to sign up for your fall services!

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  • Posted by: Nicole Seaberg
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As we begin to wind down the summer season it is time to start thinking about your fall and winter services. Please review the following information for beneficial lawn services offered in the fall.  Simply call our office or indicate on the remit portion of your payment if you would like to sign up for any additional services. If you have signed up for snow removal services in the past, we will be mailing out contracts in the next few weeks. If you are a new or current customer interested in getting a snow estimate please contact our office at 701.729.5419 for more information. 

Fall cleanupBlow out leaves from landscape areas, mow, bag/pick up leaves, trim around obstacles in your yard, plus take away the leaves/debris.
MowingMowing, trimming of obstacles, blowing off when done.
Fall aerationEncourages proper root development, reduces soil compaction, moves air and water into the root zone and helps to fight disease problems. Aerations may be performed in the spring or fall depending on your convenience and is an effective way to improve turf quality when done prior to overseeding.
Fall overseedingHelps to thicken and make your lawn more full.  Overseeding results are greatly enhanced when performed in combination with an aeration.  Fall overseeding will remain dormant and get watered in when snow begins to melt in the spring.
Irrigation system shut down/maintenanceWe can repair broken sprinkler heads, update your system by installing a new Wi-Fi controller that can be run off your phone, start up/shut down system.
Gutter cleaningPlease call for pricing.
Author: Nicole Seaberg